CIML Laboratory: left front row: Marie Kerl Kristin Lewis, Allison Honaker, Amy DeClue, Carol Reinero, Tekla Lee, Vamsi Guntur, left back row: Leah Cohn Deborah Fine, John Middleton, Chee-hoon Chang, Lisa Singer, John Dodam, Philip Johnson. Not pictured: Alex Bukoski, Patick Pithua, Leona Rubin, Juliana Amorim, Brooke Fowler, Kara Osterbur, Jeanette Perry, Davin Ringen, Laura Nafe, Kerry Risetto, Hong Liu, and Denise Holiman.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Comparative Internal Medicine Laboratory is to investigate diseases relevant to people and animals, develop tools for the practical diagnosis, treatment and prevention of disease, and train the next generation of medical specialists in scientific methodology to facilitate continued application of ethical, translational research.






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