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Small Animal Clinic

The Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital offers all levels of patient care, extending from routine preventive medicine (including vaccinations) to referral services in most clinical disciplines. Many of the Hospital’s community practice customers simply make appointments and bring their pets directly to the Hospital. Others are referred by private veterinarians throughout the Midwest to take advantage of the Hospital’s sophisticated diagnostic procedures and treatments.

Owners generally want to provide their pets with the same quality of health care which they themselves receive. In response, the MU Veterinary Medical Teaching Hospital provides world-class expertise and compassionate patient care in a friendly environment.


Daytime: 573-882-7821
FAX: 573-884-7563

Small Animal Clinic

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Regular Hours
Monday- Friday
8:00 AM - 5:00 PM
(573) 882-7821

Emergency Services
Licensed veterinarian on premises
Available 24 hours a day
After hours and weekends,
please call (573) 882-4589

Clydesdale Hall
900 East Campus Drive
Columbia, MO 65211



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